7 Mistakes made when advertising properties on social networks

It is useless to be present on social networks if you do not know how to enjoy all the advantages to increase your sales potential.

Digital media ads are one of the most popular advertising options these days.

Thinking of a strategy to advertise real estate on social networks may be what you need to increase your conversions.

First, we know the size of the challenge when we talk about the real estate market.

In addition to an important investment by the consumer, it also demands a decision that will have impacts during a few years of his life.

So he needs to trust the seller.

The good news is that ads can go a long way toward building authority and strengthening your relationship with prospects, which increases your chances of selling.

However, there are still many people who try it and do not achieve the expected results.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most common mistakes made in real estate ads on social media.

As we all know, the world is not just about hits and successes. Every good manager and entrepreneur knows that failures, defects, and mistakes happen and are part of the process.

The importance of making mistakes

In the field of errors, there is always care that can be taken, so that they are not compromising for the future of a company.

The game of trial and error that we experience from a very early age is the basis for knowing ourselves and the world. Making mistakes is part of the maturation process.

More than half of marketers who have been using social media for at least two years say it has helped them improve sales. (Social Media Examiner, 2015)

With that in mind, we’ve separated a list of some common mistakes you may be making when advertising properties on social media and maybe hindering your conversions.

At the end of this post, you’ll have a clear vision of what needs to be done if you want to improve your ads on social media.

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After all, with the importance of social networks for the real estate market, we must always be aware of technological changes.

  • Main mistakes made
  • Inappropriate targeting

One of the main reasons that real estate ads on social media don’t convert to results is inappropriate targeting.

What’s the point of having an awesome ad if it’s shown to consumers who aren’t interested in it?

If you’re not interested in buying cat food, for example, but you see a poorly targeted ad promoting a pet food brand, you won’t change your mind just because the ad is awesome.

Therefore, knowing the traits and characteristics of your ideal consumer will give you the opportunity to configure your ads to show them to the right people.

  • Consider investing some time in creating a prospect persona.
  • Lack of supervision and follow-up

Another very common failure in using social media to advertise real estate is not supervising, tracking, and monitoring the ads.

This means not only tracking posts but also creating dynamic monitoring of ad posts, in order to obtain information about potential customers, avoiding losing sales.

Furthermore, there are also strategies that require some investment. With that in mind, we’ve selected two important metrics that you should track in your social media advertising strategies:

The CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

To calculate how much you should invest to acquire a new customer, simply divide all the costs used to gain customers by the number of customers gained in the period the money was spent.

O ROI (Return on Investment)

ROI is the return on investment index. It is used to identify what was your financial return when investing in strategies to advertise real estate on social networks. The formula to calculate is:

  • ROI = (gain obtained – investment value) / investment value.
  • Not using a landing page

If you’re investing in ads and you’re advertising a property on social media just to send visitors back to a generic page, you’re not getting the most out of your money for ads.

It’s not likely that your visitors will spend time searching your entire site for the property you offered in your ad. Instead, they’re just going out.

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To increase your conversion rate, you need to ensure the connection between message and offer using a dedicated landing page.

A landing page has one goal: to generate conversion.

To drive conversion, you need to deliver a consistent user experience. Simply put, your landing page content should be a continuation of the message in your ad.

Learn more about developing landing pages and generating leads in this article.

Little information about the property and unattractive description
An ad with little information about the property will not spark the buyer’s interest.

On social networks, unlike newspapers in the past, where it was necessary to abbreviate the description of properties as much as possible, companies have at their disposal a larger space for description, and need to make the best use of it.

An unattractive description makes fewer people interested in the property.

In the description of the ad, highlight all the positive points of the place to attract more interested people and thus have the chance to do business easily.

Photos in low resolution, with poor lighting or inadequate framing and the presence of people or personal items.

Low-resolution photos do not allow the client/buyer to see in detail how the property is, reducing the chances of him being interested in getting to know the place.

Always try to have photos with good resolution and updated, they make the ad more attractive.

Another mistake in photography is taking pictures in a dimly lit environment. Dark photos make it difficult to see what the property looks like.

Always try to photograph the environment with good lighting, if possible take the photos during the day.

The framing of photos is also very important. Ads with wrongly framed images are not aesthetically appealing.

When taking photos of the property to post on social networks, photograph the rooms without anyone being present at the time, as the focus of the ad should be the property.

Try to make your ad as neutral as possible.

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Be overly formal or informal Users of social networks are increasingly demanding and are already able to differentiate posts made in an amateur way and other more sophisticated ones.

So, nothing improvising.

A property ad on social media needs, first of all, to answer the first questions that the customer would like to know and leave the impression that I want more.

The message needs to be neutral and clear to reach the greatest number of people.

Social networks allow for a lighter language. But that doesn’t mean carelessness. Overly informal language may not be successful with your customer.

Don’t “spy” on competitors

These days, social media is so crowded that it takes a lot of care and attention to stand out from the crowd.

Strategies in the field of online advertising change quickly. Repeating what you’ve always done means you’ll be left behind.

Keeping an eye on your competitors will show you what they’re up to and give you ideas about what you can do better.

The good news is that marketing success doesn’t happen overnight. You have enough time to catch up with the competition!

Generating traffic is a process that requires constant refinement.

There are many ways and places to spy on competitors through a format that gives you valuable and actionable information.


Advertising on the social network can be the first contact between a buyer and a property.

51% is the percentage of people who discover new brands or products from a smartphone internet search, as per 2018 data gathered by Point Blank Digital.

And 90% of people, when searching online, still haven’t decided on a product.

In other words: it is necessary to be present in the digital environment to hook consumers looking for a house or apartment.

And for that, it is important to pay attention to some details, so that your ads are attractive and efficient, increasing your sales possibilities.

Do you have any tips on how to improve a real estate ad campaign on social media that isn’t yielding good results?

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