Apple confirms event and is expected to present a new iPhone on the 14th

Rumors indicate that the smartphone will have a version with 1 terabyte of memory and new colors; news about the next Apple Watch should also be released during an online conference:

Now it’s official! This Tuesday, 7th, Apple confirmed the company’s next big event for next Tuesday, September 14th, at 14:00 GMT.

Analysts expect the iPhone 13 and the new line of smartwatches to be announced during the virtual conference.

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Tim Cook’s company tends to hold three to four events during the year, with the latter being held between September and October: the first is usually the presentation of new iPhones and updates on the Apple Watch, while the second focuses on Macs and iPads.

At events, Apple usually announces price, design, technical information, and other news of products that will hit the market soon.

What are the rumors about the new iPhone 13?

The rumors suggest that the iPhone 13 will look and size similar to 12, but with new color options, including the Matte Black and orange bronze, and an improved camera.

Other supposed new additions include a smartphone option with 1 terabyte of memory, satellite emergency calls, and support for fast charging with 20 and 25-watt adapters for the Pro and Pro Max versions. Prices are expected to vary between 6,800 and 11,300 real.

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The rumors about smartwatches indicate that the new line 7 Series will flatter and have larger screens edges.

Supposedly the larger model will have a 1.9-inch screen (the current one is 1.78) and a resolution of 396 x 484, compared to 368 x 448 in the model being replaced.

This increase means that the watch will have about 16% more pixels, allowing a greater view of the bits of information that appear on the watches.

According to The Verge, the company is expected to also release a release date for iOS 15 if the new iPhone is announced. The event will be broadcast on Apple’s website.

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