Apple releases new version of iOS 15 today. Know what changes on iPhone

The update will occur gradually for users around the world and will be available from the sixth generation of cell phones:

As of this Monday, the 20th, iPhone users will start receiving updates to the new iOS 15 operating system, launched by Apple in June this year at WWDC 21, which occurred virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the new version, the user will be able, among other things, to hide their IP address in order to increase their privacy.

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Last week, the company launched its new line of iPhone 13s, watches, and iPads. In a virtual presentation, the company also revealed that it intends to bring to Brazil its online training and exercise service, Apple Fitness+.

The arrival of iOS 15 comes days after the company asked users around the world to update all devices to version 14.8 after detecting a software flaw that allows the Pegasus spy program to install on devices without the need for any click.

The iOS 15 update will take place gradually for users around the world and will be available from the sixth generation. According to Apple, the iPhones 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus will be able, in addition to all models X, 11, 12, and 13. To update, just access the phone settings and check if there are pending downloads.

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What’s New in iOS 15:


  • data protection

With iOS 15, iPhones will have the so-called “App Privacy Report”. That is, it will be possible to know when installed applications accessed user data. Some tests were already being done in version 14.5.

  • hidden IP

The user will have the possibility to hide the IP address of cell phones. To do this, the company created Mail Privacy Protection that will block tracing attempts by hiding the IP address and email read status.

  • Crab

With Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, data will not be sent to the cloud. This will allow more privacy and agility in a certain app opening. In practice, you will still be able to perform activities

  • iCloud+

For those who subscribe to the iCloud+ service, it will be possible to hide their e-mail address when registering on websites. For this, a random combination of letters and numbers will be generated instead of the username. In iCloud+, there will also be the ”Private Relay”, which in practice makes the browsing anonymous, as it works as a kind of VPN.

  • Notification

The notification system has been changed. “Focus” model was created. Thus, there is the option of separating personal and work profiles as a way to filter alerts and have fewer interruptions.

  • facetime
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In the application that allows calls between iPhones, it will be possible to share the screen with other users during the call, as well as listen to music and videos together with the company’s streaming services, such as Apple Music and Apple TV. Also, as with other apps like Google Meets and Zoom, you’ll be able to blur the background of your video call.

  • photo recognition

The photos also have more artificial intelligence features. Called “Live text”, it will be possible to recognize phone photos and make a call. Or, with the name on a restaurant’s photo, for example, do an internet search.

  • Transport information

Maps gain information about public transport, already available on Google Maps. There will be specific information for those who drive or who are on a bus, with notifications at the time of disembarking. For some cities, there will even be augmented reality features for those walking the streets.

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