China tightens its grip and limits TikTok to 40 minutes a day for children

The Douyin app, the Chinese version of the hit TikTok, is limiting network usage time for users under 14 in China. From now on, the daily limit is 40 minutes of the app for this age group.

In addition to the time limit for use, the time will also be regulated, with the application only working between 6:00 and 22:00.

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To enforce the new policy, ByteDance, the app’s developer, is asking users to confirm their ages.

According to the South China Morning Post, the company reportedly published on its official channel on WeChat, asking parents to help their children configure the app.

Like TikTok in the West, Douyin is a huge success in China, where it accumulates more than 600 million daily active users.

The move is part of the siege the Chinese government has imposed on technology companies, especially social networks and game makers, to alleviate what it calls “internet addiction.”

In late August, the country said it would limit video game consumption to 3 hours a week, to combat addiction among younger people.

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