Dialog, a superapp for your employee and for HR

With important clients such as PepsiCo, Avon, and Movida, the startup offers a corporate social network, a hub for the human resources area, and an intranet 4.0

What does a truck driver on the road, a store clerk, a farmer in the field, a factory worker, and an office executive have in common? A cell phone in my pocket.

If they belong to the same company, they also share the same organizational culture, receive their salary on the same day, and have access to some official information that comes in different ways, but in the rush of work, they sometimes wait for later.

How to reach and engage different audiences within the same company has always been a communication challenge – and until today the most common response came in the form of more communication, with the multiplication of channels, from the mural to corporate TV, and the consequent adaptation of the language for each of them.

Founded five years ago, startup Dialog has a proposal that reverses this logic, placing the employee’s experience at the center of the issue. “We never wanted to be an application for the company, but for the employee: where he finds all the information he is looking for, in a simple, direct, and personalized way”, says Gabriel Kessler, Chief Growth Officer at Dialog.

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Corporate social network, HR hub, and intranet 4.0

Dialog’s super app weighs less than a photo on a mobile phone, but it’s super because it achieves compliance levels of 80%. Ask customers like PepsiCo, Avon, Movida, Klabin, Via, Unimed, among other 60 customers who took the solution to 300,000 people.

So many people access the app at least once a week because it works as a hub for HR solutions, where employees consult benefits and ask questions, from anywhere and anytime, interacting with a chatbot. To log in, he doesn’t need to have an email account. Operational workers can log in with their registration number.

They can also like and comment on institutional posts, which makes the app a social network without dispersion – that is, there is no possibility of chats and parallel groups. From the perspective of those who manage the content, there can be several user profiles (legal, communication, marketing, HR, CEO, etc.) and, between eight and 12 weeks, the app is fully customized with colors, features, and interesting channels for the brand.

Another differential of Dialog’s app is that it includes gamification solutions; that is, the content can be distributed in the form of quizzes, videos, games, and contests. These features help to attract employees to consult the application frequently, as a strategy to keep them well informed and, in addition, to identify internal influencers.

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Affordable for less than 1,000 reais

After the spin-off of Grupo In Press, where it was born, the startup was capitalized by some groups of angel investors and assumed an aggressive growth goal. It wants to triple in size by the end of 2022, reaching 1 million users.

For this, it continues to focus on medium and large companies, preferably with teams of field workers, who are not plugged into a computer.

“We are willing to establish joint KPIs as we did with ArcelorMittal, creating a calculator to measure the reduction in turnover and greater efficiency in the communication process, from the installation of the app”, says CGO Gabriel Kessler.

For companies with up to 200 employees, Dialog has a temporary anniversary offer, with plans starting at 999 reais and basic customization in two days. This is the time to hitchhike and grow together!

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