Fake funeral home advertisement asks people not to get vaccinated; understand

The truck circulated through the streets of the United States, showing an ironic message to promote the vaccination of Americans:

An ad for a fake funeral home hit social media this week. The message asks people not to get vaccinated against the new coronavirus.

The ad was displayed on a hearse that traveled the streets of one of the states with the lowest vaccination rates in the US, North Carolina.

The play was created by an advertising agency and tries to use reverse psychology to persuade people to seek the covid-19 vaccine.

Anyone trying to access the website of the alleged funeral home Wilmore Funeral Home sees a message like this: “Get vaccinated now. If not, see you soon.” The campaign was created by an agency called BooneOakley.

According to an analysis by the newspaper USA Today, the state of North Carolina has 49% of its population fully vaccinated against covid, while 58% received at least one of the doses of the vaccine.


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