Frequent problems in developers that do not invest in technology.

Unfortunately, many developers’ managers do not invest in technology, as they understand it will only increase their company’s expenses.

They miss many opportunities to modernize their processes and make their business more profitable and scalable because they believe the price is too high.

But what price do you pay for not investing now?

In an extremely dynamic scenario like the current one, it is practically impossible to make predictions.

A few years ago, who would have thought that taxi drivers would be largely replaced by uber drivers.

And who can guarantee that Uber drivers will not be replaced by autonomous cars in the short term?

In the real estate market, there are already startups like Reali, from Silicon Valley, with the promise of putting an end to realtors, bringing locks that open via application and explanations about the property using augmented reality.

This is not to say that they will be the next “Uber in real estate”, but the fact is:

Every day people are thinking about smarter and more innovative ways to accomplish tasks.

Still, some remain stuck in the past, and consequently, these will, unfortunately, be left behind by consumers.

This article is not intended to belittle the difficulties experienced in the corporate environment, for the reason that, at Anaprox, we have developed state-of-the-art technology so that our customers can expand their business and increase their sales with less effort and added costs.

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Providing the right tool for the manager to step on the accelerator and escalate his team of brokers to new heights, regardless of crises, seasonality, and other external factors.

However, mistakes are made, and this is a common situation.

Adaptability is a characteristic that companies will have to acquire to compete in an increasingly disruptive environment.

Below we will present the common problems in developers that do not invest in technology.

If you identify that your company is facing something similar, don’t worry. In every mistake lies an opportunity for improvement.

Inefficiency is the most obvious form of lack of investment in technology.

This is characterized by a company that usually hires five employees to perform the function of one, full of paperwork due to tiresome bureaucratic processes.

It is very common for managers to have difficulty identifying themselves as inefficient. Used to carry out activities in the same way, they cannot see more assertive methods of working.

Keeping up to date with best practices is becoming more of an obligation than a differential, there is no room for amateurs in the market.

As mentioned in the article How technology can help builders and developers increase their results :

The first step to applying technology in your business is to understand the problems you want to solve.

Without fully understanding the problems your company is experiencing, there is no way to solve them.

Outdated professionals

Another obvious reflection of the lack of investments in technology is manifested in the employees.

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What motivation for employees to keep up to date in a company where processes are archaic?

Outdated managers perpetuate their ignorance for the entire team, driving away talents and top performers from their business.

Extremely attached to the comfort zone, they often repress professionals who try to think outside the box.

Companies are made of people, not the other way around. By neglecting to offer training, qualifications and incorporating new technologies, your business will suffer the consequences.

misfit architecture

The layout of the workspace greatly contributes to the productivity of those involved, strategically distributing the elements to facilitate the optimization of processes.

However, who has never entered a company that seemed more like a time warp?

From the arrangement of computers to unnecessarily occupied spaces, it is possible, by far, to recognize a company that invests little in technology.

Please be advised that buying video games and spreading puffs around the office will not solve your problems.

With the same people and the same processes, it’s only a matter of time before the office gets its old-fashioned look again.

Quoting the great Albert Einstein: “ Insanity is always doing the same things and expecting different results”.

Devalue the IT sector

This problem is observed to a greater extent in small and medium-sized companies.

Unnecessarily purchased software, internet slowdowns and outages, power outages and spikes, outdated hardware, are some of the consequences we can list for neglecting the IT sector.

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How much does an hour cost for the company to have its team stopped due to some instability in its network?

Without qualified professionals, managers end up making wrong decisions that are costly for the company.

Our consultants are experts in evaluating the technological scenario of your developer’s commercial sector, talk to one of them by clicking here.

Slow service

With the comfort of performing various activities on the smartphone, people are extremely impatient.

This means that your company must be prepared to respond to customer calls more quickly.

Organizing contacts and service records on paper and excel spreadsheets suggests leaving customers waiting for service and salespeople busy with activities that could be automated by technology.

In the article: Why should the real estate market invest in sales automation? We bring more explanations on the subject.


In this article, we mention some problems involved when the proper investments in technology are not made.

We don’t encourage anyone to look for technology for reasons of “hype” and “fashion”.

The manager must understand the advantages and limitations of the current state of the art, as well as what are the appropriate tools to extract maximum productivity from their employees, and always think that their competitor seeks innovation to surpass and be unique

As we have mentioned in other articles: “Technology that does not generate results is useless”.

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