Google: Search, Shopping and Maps Gain Artificial Intelligence Features


In a Google announcement made this Wednesday, 29, during the Search On event, the company detailed the artificial intelligence updates that will bring news to Search, Shopping and Maps .

With the implementation made to facilitate Internet users’ access to the most accurate results, the tools now integrate a concept known as the Unified Multitasking Model — or just “MUM”.

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The technology includes tapping the Lens icon when looking at a photo of a shirt and asking Google to find the same pattern, but in another piece of clothing. It will also be possible to use a photo to find videos related to the subject of the image.

In addition, for research, the company will create a “Things to Know” section alongside the other tabs to facilitate exploration and understanding of new topics. On any result, tapping the three dots at the top of the survey card will show information to learn more about that site.

Among the details added are Wikipedia’s source description and what the site says about itself; you will be able to find what others on the web have said about the page; in addition to the “About the topic” section, with news coverage on the same topic from other sources.

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Other news

Shopping: With the Lens feature it will be possible to recognize objects on the screen by the Google mobile app and, with one click, check offers from it. This detection takes 200 milliseconds and you don’t need to exit the app to find product prices.

Another announcement concerns the inclusion of store windows directly in Search. This would make it easier to search for clothes, shoes, and mobile accessories just from the search results. When searching for a type of apparel, Search will display a visual feed in various colors and styles, along with other information such as local stores, guides, and videos.

Google Maps: will have new emergency notifications, for example, in cases of forest fires. Upon being warned, the user can ask for a route to get around the region.

Google even created a new free application, Address Maker (or “ Address Maker ”) to create unique and functional addresses for people and places that don’t have one. Gambia, Kenya, India, South Africa, and the USA already have the tool, which will reach more places in the future.

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