Half Deaf: the turn of producers in the podcast market

In a market that should grow 31% a year until 2028, the producer sees sales rise and is preparing to seek investments in the market:

There is an inside joke in the Brazilian podcast market that every year is the year of podcasts. The buzzword idea, repeated for consecutive years, would denote that the podcast industry would finally be exploding in the country.

The reality is that “the year” is the good moment that the sector has been experiencing for some time, growing year after year in several aspects: relevance, proximity to the public, number of products, and audience.

If in the past, podcasts were a lesser-known media product among Brazilians — often reserved for round table formats — from 2019 onwards, they have taken on other proportions. Exclusive partnerships emerged between giants such as Spotify and content creators and major newspapers, such as Folha de São de Paulo, and even Globo entered the event.

In order to understand how digitalization has changed the course of business, the EXAME Academy developed the Innovation in Practice course.

Investments in this regard have grown in the country, partly because the format has become popular, and partly because companies see the opportunity to produce and communicate with consumers through podcasts. It is in this wave that Half Deaf comes, a producer specializing in podcasts that have seen partnerships with large companies such as Spotify grow in recent years, as well as productions commissioned by companies such as Mercado Livre and Visa.

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According to Guilherme Sagas, CEO of the company, Half Deaf emerged from work around the digital content agency GMD and initially was born and grew up with conversational podcasts, along with Gus Lanzetta, a co-founder who already produced podcasts in this line. The company also served in the distribution of hits in the country such as O Caso Evandro, produced by Ivan Mizanzuk.

“Our model is currently a hybrid, focused on branded and originals, with branded accounting for 55% of sales. The rest are original productions from us or sold to other platforms”, says Sagas. Half Deaf earned 715,000 reais in 2020, an increase of 90% compared to the previous year and the expectation is a new growth of 75% this year, closing with sales of 1.2 million reais.

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