Health sees Butantan breach of contract after delivery of vaccines to states

The Butantan Institute, in turn, stated that the agreement with the Ministry of Health has already been concluded with the delivery of 100 million doses of the immunizing agent:

The Ministry of Health sent an official letter to the Butantan Institute on Wednesday after the delivery of doses of the Covid-19 CoronaVac vaccine to States, pointing out a possible breach in the exclusivity clause provided for in the contract, and Butantan, in turn, stated that the According to the folder, it has already been concluded with the delivery of 100 million doses of the immunizing agent.

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“The Ministry of Health has a contract with the Butantan Institute, this contract establishes exclusivity in the supply of doses. So until we conclude the contract, Butantan, without the approval of the Ministry, cannot sell doses with other countries or with another unit of the federation,” said the executive secretary of the ministry, Rodrigo Cruz, at a press conference on Wednesday night.

“We learned from the press that Butantan has started to deliver doses to the States and we sent a file to Butantan requesting clarification in this regard, because, in our understanding, until our contract is finalized, the exclusivity clause must be respected”, he added.

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Cruz said that the ministry will wait for Butantan’s response to assess whether it will apply any of the penalties provided for in the contract with the institute.

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