How technology can help improve the results of builders and developers.

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Technology, these days, seems like another one of those buzzwords that are used to make a business look better than it really is.

Entrepreneurs and sellers have been using and abusing, claiming that their companies and products are “Highly Technological” or that they “Use State-of-the-art Technology”.

But in 2019 things are changing, with the increase in access to information people are increasingly inserted in the context of information technology.

Today, the seller who claims to hold “the latest technologies” is increasingly faced with questions that he cannot answer.

The truth is that technology has nothing to do with bold speeches, cool design, beautiful and well-dressed people.

Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal and one of the biggest investors in Startups in the world, in his book Zero a Um, comments on a criterion he used to invest in companies:

The most obvious clue was the outfits: clean energy tech executives walked around in suits and ties. That was a huge wake-up call, because real technologists wear jeans and a T-shirt. So we instituted a general rule: pass on any company whose founders wore serious clothes to sales meetings.

The big media and social networks have instilled in people a romantic view of the concept of technology.

Especially in the real estate market, which we closely monitor, we see that players have a distorted view of what it would really be like to incorporate technology into their business.

Checking the concept of technology in the dictionary of meanings we obtain:

Technology is a product of science and engineering that involves a set of tools, methods, and techniques aimed at solving problems. Is a practical application of scientific knowledge in different areas of research.

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In this article, we intend to give you a practical overview of where technology can help your company increase results, but first, we need to clear up some myths:

Technology is not a magic box

We often see people acting as if by incorporating some technological solution into their business all their problems will be solved.

This happens when entrepreneurs and managers do not fully understand the problems they face in their daily lives, and consequently do not have a clear idea of ​​how to face them.

Due to their shallow understanding, they are susceptible to advertisements from companies that are not committed to customer success, falling into an eternal vicious cycle.

Get new technologies just for getting technologies

Another common mistake is people who are passionate about technology, always wanting to keep up with the “new trends”.

These are often misled by bad faith sellers who identify the profile and try to push superfluous products abusing the customer’s fear of being “left behind”.

The truth is that technology that does not generate results is useless, mainly generating inefficiency and increased costs.

If you don’t understand exactly what you want to improve, how much and when, you will always be sailing without a clear destination.

Below we will explain how technology can help improve the results of builders and developers.

Increase the sales

Increasing sales is an excellent purpose to search the market for a solution that makes sense with the reality of your business.

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We at Anapro have been improving our solution for the real estate market for over 15 years, and with that, we were able to closely monitor the progression of our clients’ results using our CRM.

If you want to learn more about how CRM software helps to increase sales for builders and developers, please read our article by clicking here.

In addition to CRM, which we consider the heart of every sales strategy, as it generates vital data for measuring the entire process, there are numerous other types of solutions available on the market to optimize customer attraction, sale and loyalty activities.

Remember that the first step in investing in a solution is to understand exactly what you want to solve.

Our consultants are specialized in analyzing the technological landscape of your company’s sales sector and assisting in the next steps of your journey, click here to speak with one of them.

reduce costs

What’s the point of investing in a solution that makes your team spend more time on their normal activities?

Another great purpose of incorporating technology into your processes is to reduce operating costs.

In an era when artificial intelligence is spreading exponentially, efficiency is a key metric for every business.

In the real estate market, where we have an extensive sales cycle, things are no different.

Nowadays, there is no longer any sense for the amount of paper and the number of people performing tasks that could be easily automated.

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In your search for a solution that fits the problems your company is experiencing, understand where the bottlenecks and points for improvement are.

CRM itself is a software that reduces business costs, as it automates the salespeople’s physical work, freeing them to focus on selling, among other more important activities.

Reduce business risks

We all know that risks are always present in business as well as in life.

In the real estate market, where high investments are made, the risks often leave entrepreneurs with their “hair standing”.

Know that technology is an excellent ally to reduce them, we mentioned in our article: Technological trends for the real estate market in 2019 the use of artificial intelligence to develop new businesses, click here to read the article.

In the current period, big experts say that the data is the new oil.

However, the Brazilian market still does not fully understand how to use this to increase efficiency and results.

Data scientists are the most qualified professionals to turn this information into results.


As we said above: Technology that does not generate results is useless!

Don’t follow the herd effect caused by the market, go back a step and try to better understand the problems experienced by your business, and then look for a solution.

We hope this article has helped you to better understand the points where technology can help your business increase your bottom line.

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