How to optimize your sales? Lead pre-qualification

It is a fact that the basis of all successful services is the proper method of handling leads.

But how do we really know when a potential customer is able to move up your sales funnel and if they are fitted with what your company is offering?

This is precisely the main reason to carry out the pre-qualification and in this context, we have the basis to map this lead and understand if it fits the necessary standards to advance in the pipeline.

Keeping this well-structured base, the sale becomes effective and efficient, it spends less on this lead and the sales team strives to sell more, as it significantly improves conversion and productivity.

How to generate SMART LEADS

The purpose of pre-qualification is to take Smart Leads through the sales funnel.

Creating a SMART LEAD is to nurture this contact with information relevant to the sale, to understand whether it is feasible to move forward, discard or take a different action with this contact.

How does this influence sales?

Simply defining if this is in fact your potential customer, involves all the study of the lead profile and structuring a series of factors that pre-determine your purchase potential and how it will advance in your pipeline.

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-Definition of ICP (Ideal Customer Profile).

Does your team know what the ideal customer profile is?

Are your campaigns well targeted to your target audience?

Are they engaged with your campaigns?

These are questions that can be answered in a much more optimized way if you have an ideal customer profile for your product or service and know your age, socioeconomic profile, gender, etc.

The results can often be measurable through good CRM and analysis of data taken directly from your Social networks.

In the case of ANAPROX CRM, the BI part is also available, which allows the visualization of this and various other information through dynamic panels.

Access and learn more about our Business Intelligence dashboards.

Be aware of the sales cycle

Knowing the steps for this customer to reach the signing of the contract is essential to adapt the language and improve the approach script with this lead.

Is the lead in the purchase or research phase?

Need to be warmed/nurtured with more information?

Knowing where the lead fits into the buying journey makes the approach more efficient and sales easier, as well as demonstrating that your company or broker is more qualified to solve the potential problem they are looking to solve.

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Keeping this information integrated is the key to management and success, in addition to investing in solutions that are really efficient for your business.


Establishing parameters for pre-qualification to work within commercial management involves studying the entire sales process and, above all, detailed knowledge of the product/service offered.

But when these parameters are aligned and flow within the management, the numbers increase and the demand for improvement becomes evident.

Enabling innovation, keeping the team engaged and more motivated as it stimulates sales.

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