Instagram tests tool that suggests a break from the app


Called Take a Break, the feature activates a notification that encourages the user to take time away from the platform; tool has not arrived in Brazil yet.

The goal , which controls Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, read already some time ago with charges for quick answers to the problems it creates, especially when they are publicly known. In the case of Instagram , in the most recent, let’s say, controversy, the company was accused, based on documents leaked by former employee Frances Haugen, of segmenting content using psychological devices that can be harmful to the mental health of teenagers  — above all, of young women.

The case is seen with considerable concern by US authorities, so it generated on Monday, 6, a summons from CEO Adam Mosseri to a Senate subcommittee with the intention of explaining how the social network algorithm works. On Tuesday, 7, as a response to all this, the company launched the tool ‘Take a Break’, which will encourage users to take some time away from the platform after a certain period of use. The feature, announced in September, will reach users in the US, UK, Canada and Australia for the first time, and all users in the coming months.

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