Lato sensu premium: Mackenzie opens vacancies for executive education

The program launched last year offers MBA, MBI and LLM linked to architecture, law, health, communication, and business, among other areas of knowledge:

Founded 150 years ago and with extensive experience in undergraduate, graduate and research courses, Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie recycled in December last year by launching its executive education program.

Structured for high-performance business leaders, the courses in this segment apply the institution’s academic excellence in the corporate world. It is aimed at executives from different areas, interested in obtaining the necessary tools to stand out as leaders.

There are courses for improvement and updating, in which the student will develop specific knowledge on a certain subject, to Master in Business Administration ( MBA ), Master of Business Innovation (MBI), and Latin Legum Magister (LLM), which allow for in-depth incursions.

The classes are made up of professionals from the market, which guarantees the formation of groups of leaders from different sectors and provides the best possible reproduction of the reality of the labor market.

“Last year, because of the pandemic, our teachers had the opportunity to improve themselves, studying and developing new methodologies to make the classes more active, whether remote or in-person”, says Lourenço de Miranda Freire Neto, coordinator of the post- Mackenzie’s graduation.

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A diploma for each goal

For those looking for the so-called Lato Sensu Premium, which includes MBAs, MBIs, and LLMs, there are on-site and EaD (distance learning) options. The first classes will be offered in São Paulo twice a semester (February, April, August, and October).

The online courses last 432 hours/class and will also be made available twice each semester. Students who choose them will follow the classes with the help of Blackboard Collaborate, a web conferencing tool that allows the division of each class into micro workgroups.

The program also proposes bimonthly refresher and improvement courses. The shortest is 8 hours long and the longest 64 hours. Their objective is to introduce the participants to what is most modern in the corporate world and create a favorable environment to foster strategic discussions. Another goal is to provide a clear view of the essential global strategies that govern this segment, in addition to fostering networking.

And there are also international courses with partnerships with foreign institutions called Exchanging Hemispheres, quick courses, held during the faculty’s vacation. They last from two to four weeks and provide for the exchange of experiences between foreign professors and professionals from the most diverse areas.

The aim is to capture firsthand the news that is shaping the international market and make students able to deal with them. This year, for example, one of the participants was English professor Alan Russell, from London South Bank University.

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Tailored training for your area

Promoting the connection between theories and best business practices is the #1 objective of programs in the area of ​​strategy, business and leadership. Students will be able to sharpen the skills that the current business context requires, in addition to expanding the way they see the new corporate environment.

Courses related to the universe of communication, marketing, and sales assume that the production of content is now essential to attract new business opportunities, in addition to entertaining, educating, or informing. They discuss the main communication and marketing challenges faced in the current scenario and how digital technologies play a predominant role.

The training for professionals in the field of technology and innovation addresses digital and disruptive businesses, which stand out in the frenetic context in which we live.

The Faculty of Computing and Informatics, by the way, maintains an advanced research center in partnership with one of the largest global companies in the technology segment and advanced laboratories for research into new technologies.

There are also courses aimed at those who work in architecture and design. They provide dynamics related to the day-to-day of professional practice, focusing on the totality of work and project preparation processes, but without neglecting an entrepreneurial vision.

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Law-related programs provide a global view of the biggest challenges in the corporate environment. The short-term options were prepared to take into account common situations that change from one hour to another. The participation of foreign professors helps students to get in touch with business realities different from the Brazilian one.

Finally, Mackenzie’s executive education program offers options for healthcare and education professionals. For the faculty, renowned doctors and masters with extensive professional experience were selected.

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