Local SEO: Increase Property Ad Visibility at Low Cost

Can you imagine having your ads on the first page of Google at a low cost?

I’m sure yes.

A good placement in search engines is something very disputed, not only in the real estate sector, but by any segment of the sales market, advertisements, etc.

Knowing how to optimize your ads can be key to boosting your conversions.

The good news is that there are tips and strategies that can help you optimize your internet presence and gain rankings organically.

In other words, you increase the visibility of your ads, acquire relevance in searches, therefore, increase the possibilities of being found and chosen as a business option, and all this without cost.

increase your sales

Today we’re going to talk about the potential for good local search placement on search engines like Google.

Plus, unmissable strategies and tips to increase your sales.

With updates to Google’s algorithms, proximity-based search results are becoming more popular.

In essence, the purpose of this is to give more weight to local businesses that focus on keywords.

Therefore, it is important to know the potential of local research to know how to act and sell more.

Did you know that nearly half of Google searches are local ?

In addition to this being a characteristic of searches carried out on Google, a good local strategy allows people who are close to you to think of you, your company or your brand as a business option.

The truth is that with advances in technology, we need to improve and update our strategies too!

Stay with us and find out what you need about local SEO and increase your property sales at no cost.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO consists of search engine optimization strategies and processes that increase the visibility of your ads organically and locally.

Well, as we mentioned, basically, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of strategies and processes for optimizing your digital presence (ads, websites, etc.).

Your goal is to make your digital presence reach a good local and organic position in search engines (Google, Yahoo!, etc.).

In addition to increasing the visibility of your ads, when it comes to local SEO, it takes into account geolocation and other features such as social networks to target ads to qualified customers.

In other words: You attract more business by acquiring relevance in local searches.

Not sure what local searches are? They are those that include a location, such as when a user searches for “houses near me” or “apartments in Belo Horizonte/MG” , and the search engine displays the results. See a simple example:

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There are many ways to exemplify the potential of a good local SEO application. In this simple example, it is possible to glimpse some of the possible results.

When we talk about the real estate market, we know how much it can make a difference in real estate sales. Now check out some possible ways to improve your local SEO.

How to improve local SEO


Well, we’ve already seen what local SEO is all about and how it can make a difference to your sales.

Now is the time to get your hands dirty!

Here are some steps to improve your local SEO and attract more customers:

1. Ensure NETS is consistent to attract more customers

For a local customer, NETS is the most important set of information to find out about yourself.

The presence and accuracy of NETS are determining factors for a good local SEO strategy.



First of all you need to fill in NETS so that it is easy to crawl, in HTML text format, in the footer of your website. It’s exactly where users most expect to find it.

Do not include NETS information in image format. The information within it is not crawlable to search engines.

Good formatting is essential for getting Google My Business credits (we’ll talk later).

First, let’s talk about your email address, phone number, and business category that you must provide about your company.

It is desirable that your public email address is your company’s domain, rather than a “generic” email service provided, for example, by Gmail.
It is also interesting that the main telephone number of your published business is with your local area code.

As a guide from Google itself, when getting to know Google My Business, keep in mind that “the business category should describe what your business is and not what it offers”.
It is also recommended that you check all your quotes in the virtual environment, whether on Google My Business, social media, or any other environment, so that all your business data points, in all local quotes, line up perfectly.

Remember The format in which you mention your business address must remain the same.

Any discrepancy in this information, however small, could lead to a fall in your local authority.

2. Build credibility of your business

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Well, with NETS well aligned, it’s time for the next step to a good local SEO strategy.

It’s time to build your business’ credibility to improve your local search ranking and sell more!

You need to be aware of two fundamental aspects, using Google My Business and local reviews.

Affirm your business on Google My Business.
Now, it’s time to talk about Google My Business.

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool.

With it, it is possible for companies and organizations to manage their online presence on Google.

It allows you to connect with customers through Google Search and Google Maps for free.

In other words, essential for a good cost-free sales strategy.

By verifying and editing business information, you help customers find your business.

Try to work with high-quality images and try to get the maximum possible ratings on Google.

This will elevate your rankings.

You can also change your business category in your Google My Business list right from your dashboard.

As mentioned above, NETS is fundamental in the process of asserting your business on Google My Business.

Using Google My Business is essential for a good local SEO strategy.

Let’s talk now about local reviews: their importance and how to get positive reviews.

local reviews
Good ratings can make your business stand out in search results.

Assessments are important in both quantity and quality.

In fact, 90% of customers admit to being influenced by positive reviews before buying from a company.

On the other hand, negative reviews greatly influence the customer’s purchase decision.

Plus, Google, and other sites, offer convenient rating filters that can take your business off the listing (if you have low ratings).

That’s why it’s very important to know about Google’s rating system to use it to your advantage.

Stay with us and see how to get more positive reviews.

Start by understanding that assessments are not point-in-time things, they are an ongoing process.

An organic progression in a number of reviews on an ongoing basis will generate great results for your business.

According to Google:

“Remind your customers to leave feedback on Google. Simply reminding customers that it’s quick and easy to leave feedback on Google, mobile or computer, can help your business stand out from other sites with less ratings.”

You can invite visitors to check out your business on review sites by placing 2 or 3 links on the “ About ” page ;
You can also add links pointing to your “digital territories” in the header or footer of your website. Or even in your email signature;
Or, offer discounts to your customer base (If you have an email list) for posting reviews.
These are some general and essential recommendations to get positive reviews and thus improve your local SEO.

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Now let’s look at some tips you can’t miss.

How to get the top spot with a good local SEO strategy


Now you know how to make a well-aligned NETS, you already know how to build the credibility of your business in the virtual environment and you know what Google My Business is for.

It’s time for some direct and more practical tips to increase your sales:

1. Optimize your listing

After registering your basic data as requested by the Google My Business platform, with the NETS well aligned, it’s time to add content that will help with local SEO.

Insert photos of your company and products, inform the opening hours, list the services provided.

2. Have a mobile-optimized website

An updated website is one of the first requirements any SEO strategy makes. Comprises the letter “S” of NETS.

If you want a good placement in search engines have a website that is optimized and responsive for mobile devices.

Also, be concerned about providing a good user experience with relevant and easily accessible information.

3. Do a Keyword Research

We don’t need to say how important content production is for local SEO, do we?

To produce relevant content, discover the most searched keywords on Google within the real estate industry.

To find these terms you can:

Make a list of keywords relevant to the business;
Use Google autocomplete;
Access Google Keyword Planner, a Google Ads keyword search tool that works for SEO;

4. Use Link Building Strategy for Local SEO

We’ve already talked a little bit about linking. Link Building is the strategy of linking your content to other relevant and quality materials.

This is a very important ranking factor for local organic results.

Well-used backlinks create a relevant content sharing network, this helps to generate qualified traffic to your website.

5. Keep Tracking Results

As with any good sales strategy in the virtual environment, it is very important to supervise and monitor your pages, your advertisements, and your internet presence in general.

Lack of supervision and follow-up is one of the most common mistakes in advertisements in the virtual environment.


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