No, it’s not you: Signal is down globally


If you can’t send or receive messages through Signal, don’t worry, it’s just a matter of waiting: it has crashed all over the planet.

The signal may be the most secure messaging app out there and the one that puts the most effort into everything when it comes to privacy, but that doesn’t stop you from ever having problems. As an example, at this moment the application is down globally.

To everyone’s surprise, Signal does not allow sending or receiving messages at this time. Something that affects private users, but also organizations, since the European Union itself migrated their communications to this application. It is a means of communication that increases in popularity month by month.

For a couple of hours, when trying to send a message through Signal, an alert appears warning that there are technical difficulties. Just look at the many tweets about it that are being published, but on Signal they try to calm down.

More than an attack, as it usually happens in these situations, in Signal they report that ” The signal is currently inactive due to a hosting interruption that affects parts of our service. We are working to recover it .”

In short, they warn that everything comes from some technical difficulties and will surely be solved shortly, maybe in a few minutes or maybe more. Although it is true that they have been with interruptions in service for a few hours.

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As can be seen, the drops do not affect only WhatsApp or Facebook, there is no online application that is exempt from suffering these problems, as it happens to any website.

If you want to be attentive and know immediately when this fall they are suffering is solved, we recommend that you follow the Signal account on Twitter. In it, they report on these circumstances, as well as any news that is implemented in this powerful messaging application.

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