Now the iPhone will warn you if you are at risk of falling during the next few days

iOS 15 will take care that you do not suffer damage from falls with this new functionality for your iPhone.

When we get older we lose stability when walking or running, and therefore we must take special care not to suffer some kind of unexpected fall that would cause some kind of injury.

We already know that the Apple Watch can save our lives by sending a series of alerts if the watch detects a strong fall , but now with the arrival of iOS 15 to the iPhone, we will have a very similar feature but that works slightly differently, and we give it to you know.

Now as reported from The Wall Street Journal, Apple has added a new feature to iOS 15 that is designed, not exactly to detect drops like the Apple Watch, but to prevent them from happening. That is why now the new Health application will track certain metrics related to our way of walking.

Specifically, we will begin to measure our asymmetry when walking, which shows the percentage of times that the steps taken with one foot are faster or slower than the steps taken with the other foot. The lower the percentage of times this occurs, the healthier your walking pattern will be.

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Obviously, the iPhone will track our way of walking when the device is in the pocket, near the waist, and walking on flat ground. At first, it will have to collect data for a few days, and then it will send you a notification indicating if your percentage in this measure is correct.

But when our walking stability is not good, we will be sent a notification to warn us that we may be at risk of a fall in the next year and may recommend a series of exercises to improve strength and balance.

With data on the table, one in four Americans 65 and older falls once a year causing hip fractures and even brain injuries. In addition, falling once doubles the chances that a person will fall again in the next year, so trying to improve our balance and our walking cadence at certain ages is essential to avoid falling.

To configure these notifications of stability when walking you must go to the Health application and then touch “summary”. From there you must scroll down until you see the “walking stability notifications”. Now you can configure information such as your height, weight, and age.

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