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What’s up, everyone? Today we are going to review the Studio Pro DJ Headphones, OneOdio Pro 50 from OneOdio. This is going to be for those of you who may be into the DJ-ing. But, if you are in a home recording and mixing studio; looking for a good studio headphone, this is a product for that.

What will you get in the box?

Before you start, you need to know what’s inside the packaging because something is awesome to know. You will get the following components in the nice pretty little sturdy box:

  • Helmet,
  • A small carrying pouch,
  • Two different cables and,
  • A user manual.

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Budget-friendly headphones for niche target people.

Talking about cables, you will get two cables, which are obviously intended for your cell phone with the TRRS jack and a standard TRS jack for PRO tasks. You’ll also have a mic and button in the standard TRRS jack to answer calls. You can also use this cable when playing; plug it directly into your laptop or computer. Then the next cable we have is a semi-coiled cable with a standard 3.5mm mini-plug and a 6.35mm big plug on it.

Like I said above, for those of you who do a lot of mixing and related stuff, you will need a 6.35mm for your audio interface, a big one that is precisely what you need. It’s a perfect combination as you won’t need any adapters or converters for your tasks. You can use or swap these cords according to your use.

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Because you can plug either use the standard audio jack using the 3.5mm hole or the 6.35mm cable into the giant hole. It will suit you whatever configuration you are going to continue on. You can plug in the quarter as an outlet and still plug it into your phone or laptop. And the same with the auxiliary 3.5 mm.

The exterior look of the OneOdio Pro 50 DJ headphones

This one comes with only one color variant. It’s a pretty little black color. You have their little logo on the side. There is some kind of texture on the side of the headband pieces. They are much like cut lines that create edges. It’s compact. You can put it in your backpack. You will love the form factor and also the padding because they are great.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the OneOdio Pro 50 is quite surprising. If it’s just about its sounds, you’ll definitely label it as the best value ever. It will do your job for its fantastic quality. This will really allow you to feel the experience of a high-end helmet.

It provides 70-80% sound insulation which is really good. These have perfect frequency separation, and the bass and mids are great, and even the treble works well. If you need studio-grade headphones, this is worth it.

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