Only Apple will be able to replace a broken iPhone 13 screen or you will lose a key functionality

Hardware specialists have found that those who decide to repair their iPhone 13 screen on their own or at independent stores will be left without the unlocking system preferred by users.

The premiere of the iPhone 13 is bringing more problems than joys, or so it seems from the news that has been reaching us since it was launched.

Although the impression we’re having is very good, both normal and mini models like the Pro and Max model, the overall situation is bringing news that is not really positive.

And in this sense, the one that we bring you today is one of those that users of the new iPhone will not like since the screen can once again be a problem for those who are not too careful.

The Phone Repair Guru channel recently uploaded a new video in which they disassembled the new iPhone 13, and after replacing the screen and disassembling it, the expert came across a very unpromising discovery.

And it seems that Apple customers who want to change the screen of their iPhone 13 will have to do it through Apple if they do not want to run out of Face ID unlocking technology.

Although the third-party repair works without problems with issues such as the microphone, the ambient light sensor, or the proximity sensor, Face ID does not activate in any way.

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Of course, it seems that this technology could be reactivated, but the steps necessary for a third party to activate Face ID are too sophisticated and quite complicated, so surely few sites can do it.

This conflicts with the right to repair that have been approved in both Europe and the United States, so we understand that Apple will have to take part in this matter in order to make repairing the screens of its new iPhone 13 much easier. What’s up.

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