Perspective Investimentos’ successful strategy

successful strategy

The life of the people and management executive Carla Medrado has been hectic in the last five years: after a long period established in Sao Luis, Carla lived in Para, moved to São Paulo, then to Brasilia, and, currently, is based in Rio de Janeiro.

At 56, she is three years away from fulfilling her goal of retiring to enjoy all the assets she has gained throughout her professional career.

Since 2017, Carla has been a client of Perspective Investimentos, the largest independent financial agents office in Maranhão, hired by Banco BTG Pactual.

Anyone who thinks that physical distance is an obstacle for Carla to closely monitor the evolution of the investment portfolio is wrong. Every week, she connects with Perspective’s team of advisors and exchanges information thanks to the personalized service available over the phone, videoconference, and digital platforms.

“Because of my changes and although the connections weren’t so virtual when I became a client, our relationship was digital from the beginning,” says Carla Medrado. “And Perspective gradually gained my trust, combining good service and results: I started with 10% and now I have 90% of my resources invested in the office.”

Carla’s example confirms Perspective’s successful strategy of using digital media as the best way to bring the integrated experience of investment solutions and financial planning to the client, wherever they are.

No wonder the office has reached ten years of operation throughout Brazil, reaping results on several fronts. To start with, it boasts a score of 90 in the BTG Pactual service quality ranking – which uses the NPS (Net Promoter Score, developed at Harvard University) methodology to assess customer satisfaction.

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“It’s our customer focus that brought us here and that will take us over the next ten years,” says Hugo Otani, founding partner of Perspective. “We have to provide the best service and the best result for the customer. That’s what he expects. If you have that, you will always be with us”.

black goal

Perspective was founded in 2011 by Hugo Otani and André Souza, recent graduates from the State University of Maringá, in Paraná.

Aboard a black Gol, they traveled around Brazil in order to find the best place to open an office of autonomous agents, something incipient a decade ago, in a financial market then dominated by large banks and investments in savings.

They planted a flag in São Luís, brought in another partner, Igor Abreu, and from the Northeast expanded their services throughout Brazil.

A Perspective client since 2012, retired Ana Lúcia Gonzalez Boucinhas followed this path well. “I met Perspective in 2012 when I was invited to participate in a lecture. On that occasion, I could see Hugo and André’s technical skills and how well acquainted they were not only with the financial market but also with the internal and external political-economic scenario”, says Ana Lúcia.

With a moderate to the bold profile when investing, Ana Lúcia was already familiar with the capital market before hiring Perspective: she herself carried out transactions with the Stock Exchange, sometimes earning, often losing money.

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“In that lecture, I glimpsed the prospect of accumulating money without stress, handing my savings into the hands of people who really understood the market”, he recalls. “These qualities are now seen in all the firm’s advisors. My current advisor, Leydis Munive, is highly qualified, attentive, and attuned to the needs of redirection that need to be done in the portfolio. I feel privileged to have her accompaniment.”

Equity specialists

In addition to the headquarters, Perspective Investimentos has branches in Imperatriz (MA), Rondonópolis (MT) and São Paulo and employees in Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte and Rio Grande do Sul.

This capillarity in the markets allows the firm to offer complete advice for different audience profiles. If in Mato Grosso and Maranhão, for example, the demand comes from the agribusiness economy, the office presents these clients with hedge solutions – an investment strategy that aims to protect an asset against future variations – with the objective of guaranteeing the value of the quotations for agricultural products.

On the other hand, the corporate area’s clientele has support for mergers and acquisitions, tax planning, and credit, whose products also serve the high-income and private banking segments – investments over 500,000 reais – of individuals, who represent 95% of the Wallet.

“These are solutions that BTG Pactual allows us to present to clients”, says Hugo Otani, who also highlights Perspective’s specialty: the variable income desk, with a stock exchange and fixed income assets, which the investor has at his disposal, as well as from the investment agent, the expertise of the officer, who is an exclusive advisor specializing in variable and fixed income, given that the volatility of these markets is high.

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“Our job is not just to gather some funds and show the client. It’s something that makes us understand the products technically and how they fit into an allocation that provides greater security, less risk, less cost, and a greater return.”

This knowledge in relation to investments, according to Otani, has been reflected in the evolution of the characteristics of Perspective’s clients: today, 40% declare themselves sophisticated, 40% consider themselves moderate and 20%, conservative.

“Regardless of their profile, they will receive humanized service, whether digital or offline, right from our first contact: they will hold regular meetings and will receive an offer of a portfolio suited to their goals”, describes Hugo Otani.

As client Carla Medrado recalls, right at the first meeting with Perspective she received an e-book with information about investments, which motivated her to take online courses to delve into fixed and variable income topics, and has been receiving the attention of advisors and office r s even in meetings on weekends. “But what I most want is to retire, call Perspective and ask the advisors, ‘How much can I spend this month?’”

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