Printable Hot Wheels and Pusheen Coloring Pages

The perfect coloring page for boys who love to play with cars – the coloring pages Hot Wheels. Make a pleasant surprise for your kids by printing out the coloring pages Hot Wheels. All images can be printed or downloaded free of charge. Hot Wheels logos in various editions can be found here as well as popular models of these popular toys.

Hot Wheels facts to know:

  • It was the dark blue Custom Camaro that launched the Hot Wheels toy series in 1968.
  • In today’s world, there are more die-cast cars than real cars and even more than there are people.
  • Around the world, about ten Hot Wheels cars are sold every second.
  • Every year, approximately 520 million Hot Wheels are produced.
  • Look for one with red stripes on the wheels. Collectors can usually buy such rare models for quite a lot of money.
  • Hot Wheels’ Volkswagen Beach Bomb, produced in 1969, is the model most admired by collectors. There have been 16 prototypes built, some of them worth as much as a real sports car, which is over $100 000.
  • Several Hot Wheels models are now available as full-sized vehicles thanks to Mattel (manufacturer of Hot Wheels). There are now over 20 real-size Hot Wheels cars, beginning with the Twin-Mill.
  • Many video games come with Hot Wheels cars, including Forza Motorsport, Forza Horizon, Need for Speed, and Rocket League.
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It’s time for coloring pages Hot Wheels!

Fans of high speed, the smell of burnt rubber, and vibrant colors will love coloring pages Hot Wheels. From the Hot Wheels series, you can find some of the most popular toys! In addition to the legendary Twin-Mill, the Batmobile, the Dragon Blaster, the Scorpedo, the Ford Mustang, the Cloud Cutter, and the Cool One are all represented. It’s the exact same model you can find at your favorite toy store, of course.

The free coloring pages Hot Wheels are printable on any full-ink home printer. They are A4 in size. It’s just that easy 🙂 When the pictures are printed and ready for coloring, you can start coloring together while sipping on some delicious cocoa!

Probably, boys will be most interested in this category of coloring pages, but many girls are also interested in cars, so they may also enjoy them.

Pick your favorite coloring pages Hot Wheels and try coloring the car in various ways. Then select your favorite. Organize a mini-competition in coloring and suggest this activity to your parents. A real Hot Wheels car could be awarded to the winner. Isn’t spending a Saturday afternoon together a great idea? When coloring, don’t be in a hurry – that can ruin your efforts. Stay focused so you can color correctly. Car races are a lot of fun as well.

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The Hot Wheels Team logo is also available in several versions on the above coloring pages. Take our short kids quiz and read our interesting facts.

We’ll be adding new Hot Wheels coloring pages each week to this category which is long overdue for many of our readers. 

Printable Pusheen Coloring Pages

Pusheen coloring pages depict a very curious, lazy, yet sweet cat who loves to go on adventures. The Pusheen coloring pages feature images of Stormy, Pip, Cheek, Pusheen logo, Pusheenicorn, and Pusheen the cat. Younger children, and especially girls, will enjoy this collection of pictures. Have fun!

It’s time Pusheen coloring pages:

You can spend a wonderful afternoon with your family by printing Pusheen coloring pages. Here are a few facts about her. Sheen is an unusual kitten who has made a dizzying career in social media and is adored by millions of children throughout the world. There are an insane number of fans on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. Her internet memes are unrivaled. Pusheen coloring sheets continue to gain popularity. Claire Belton and Andrew Duff didn’t anticipate such a huge hit with their creation. Pusheen, after all, was only meant to be an insignificant comic book character at the very beginning. Today, Pusheen is a real internet star, and her coloring pages are as adorable as her entire universe.

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You’ll find the original Pusheen logo, the Pusheenicorn, Stormy, Pip, Cheek, and other characters from the comics. There is no doubt that all fans of cute kittens will enjoy these pictures. Kids of all ages will enjoy these Pusheen coloring pages. Teachers will find them especially useful. Children will have a lot of fun with simple patterns that don’t require them to develop their manual skills. Children love cute cats, so they will especially enjoy these patterns. Now you can enjoy an afternoon of coloring with friends and family using the Pusheen coloring pages. When the weather outside is bad, coloring together can be a great activity.. You will find plenty to choose from. Please let us know if you have any ideas on how to make our offer more attractive. Let us know how we can help. Have fun with Pusheen coloring!

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