Technological trends for the real estate market in 2019

The real estate market will undergo major changes in 2019, you will probably find managers very uncomfortable with this new scenario.

When we refer to changes, we are not talking about increasing competition for market share. You probably already know that the trend in every market is higher prices and greater competitiveness.

Technology is increasingly present in people’s lives, and this is a path of no return. Attracting customers over the internet is nothing new for anyone.

We are in an era where many claim to be at the forefront of technology, but few know what it really represents. Every day there are new buzzwords and new “gurus” proposing “simple” solutions to complex issues, such as whether purchasing software would solve all your company’s problems.

We at A NAPRO have been following the latest technologies for the real estate market for over 15 years, seriously incorporating the most modern and best practices in our solutions.

In the text below, we aim to clarify the reader about the main technological trends to keep an eye on in 2019:

Augmented Analytics

For some time now we have been producing much more information than we are able to process. This data is produced in large volume, being highly variable and complex.

Imagine how much information your customers upload on the internet, through social media and other platforms on a daily basis?

Or even how much information do you have in your company, in old tables, papers, videos, audios, etc?

When we think about human processing capacity, it would be impossible to analyze all these variables, but the advancement of computational and statistical capacity makes it possible to extract value from where we never thought.

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The term Augmented Analytics means “Augmented Analytics” in its literal translation, this was pointed out by the consulting firm Gartner, as one of the main trends for business in 2019.

“Standard” reports and dashboards are no longer enough for the current climate.

According to the consultancy, “Augmented Analytics” will drastically change the analytic capacity of companies, using artificial intelligence to optimize how data is developed, consumed, and distributed.

The insights produced using this methodology will completely transform decision-making within companies, being used in several areas, benefiting both the operational and especially the strategic level.

Business Development with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Another big trend for 2019 is that artificial intelligence algorithms come in to help the new business development sector.

There are rumors that Netflix, already produces all its films with the help of AI, the algorithms are responsible for saying who the actors are, what the theme and the story will be, the screenwriters only guarantee that the proposed scope is fulfilled.

Because of the ability to be able to process complex information and learn from it, algorithms have fared far better than humans when it comes to predicting the future based on patterns.

It is possible to use several approaches such as unsupervised learning, which makes it possible to group and predict the behavior of people by analyzing their data available online.

Imagine being able to predict, with extreme precision, what results will be obtained with a real estate launch?

Or maximize the resources spent on advertising by offering your releases to those who are statistically more likely to buy them?

We know that most companies are already planning to modernize and incorporate AI. in any of their sectors in the coming years.

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In this text, we provide some basic explanations on how to start a complex technology project in your company.

Changes in search engines

The internet is getting saturated, according to the survey carried out by Netcraft, there are 1,805,260,010 billion pages on the web, this equates to almost 4 pages per person in the world.

The company Moz keeps track of the changes in the Google algorithm in recent years, you can check them all by clicking here.

In addition to the fact that the web is becoming saturated, users’ search behavior is changing dramatically.

According to ComScore, 50% of online searches will be done by voice by 2020, are your ads already optimized for the era of voice searches?

In the chart below, prepared by CompaingLive, we observe that voice searches contain more words than text searches.

They also made a comparison relating some words to the customer’s level of interest in a product they are looking for, see below:

Optimizing your pages to be recognized in voice searches is a task that every business will have to do, why not take the lead?

The problem

Most entrepreneurs have already understood the need to incorporate technology projects into their business, with most closely following the latest trends

However, when it comes to getting hands-on, things are completely different, given the real challenges, things are very far from the idealized plans.

The truth is that the company needs a certain maturity in relation to its processes and data to be able to implement more complex proposals.

Brazilian construction companies and developers are still far from the degree of digitalization compared to the international market.

We see managers insist on keeping information about their customers in excel tables and papers, even if daily, time and resources are wasted and opportunities lost.

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Below we present tips to start a technology project in your company.

Data structuring

At first, the company should think about organizing its data.

Companies that manage using excel experience major problems to generate reports quickly and assertively.

Much time is wasted in maintaining spreadsheets, in addition to the difficulties experienced in obtaining new data.

The company’s first step should be to understand its processes and try to automate them using software available on the market, such as CRM, SALES, ERP, among others.

We wrote another article talking exclusively about CRM and how this software can help builders and developers, click here to read.

These will help keep your information in a reliable structure, where you can generate insights from the information, in addition to supporting data governance and collaborative management.

data science

A large part of the data scientist’s activities contemplates the structuring of information with the purpose of extracting as much of its potential as possible.

It is data scientists who are developing the artificial intelligence algorithms cited in this article.

This is the most suitable professional to guide your company on the path of maturity with your data and processes.

In Brazil and around the world, these professionals are lacking in the labor market, and many companies hire a consultancy because they are unable to keep this professional in their workforce.


In this article, we cite several important points of the innovations that are to come in 2019.

If your company is still in its infancy in this universe, don’t worry, start patiently to climb the steps towards data maturity.

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