This English school releases one free place for every 3 paying students

In addition to having potential as a business, PLT4Way has an important social role. That’s why I decided to invest in the project at Shark Tank Brasil:

In the corporate and business world, English is no longer a differential. Those who do not speak the most spoken language in the world are many steps behind those who are fluent. That’s why I invested in PLT4Way, in Sony’s Shark Tank Brasil. In addition to being wonderful as a business, the English school has an important social role: for every three paying students, they provide a free place for students from the suburbs. The objective is to promote social entrepreneurship, helping young people to fulfill their dreams.

Can you imagine yourself at EXAME telling the story of your business? I can! That’s why I invite you to follow the Success Entrepreneur Turnover with me.

After my decision to invest in PLT4Way, Diogo Bezerra and Diego Ramos became my new partners. “We know the big difference that social transformation through education will bring to these young people’s lives. We, the founders, are from the periphery, and because of the chance we had to learn English, we accessed several opportunities that other young people in our Quebrada did not access. It was then that we decided to do something that would return to the periphery”, says Diogo.

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