This is how Android Auto wants to prevent you from being distracted while driving


The folks at Google have incorporated new tools into their operating system so that drivers have less gaze to look away from and can thus focus solely on driving.

There are not a few of us who use Android Auto on a daily basis, as the benefits of this simplified Google operating system make traveling more comfortable and safer.

Being able to put music on easily and quickly, see the best route to get home and be able to call without taking your eyes off the road are fundamental advantages for optimal driving.

And, in that sense, Google continues working to make their system faster, more intuitive, and less dependent on attention.

For Android Auto users with older cars and who therefore use the phone for navigation and other functions, the Google Assistant driving mode now includes cards with music, text messages, and other applications.

And activating them is very easy since, with the classic voice commands of Hey, Google can ask us to activate Google Maps, select the destination, but the song we want on Spotify, and read the WhatsApp messages. aloud.

Google says this is designed to ensure drivers keep their eyes on the road and not on mobile phones.

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There are also new updates for Android Auto, which we remind you that is still active and present in those cars that have the operating system included in the standard vehicle.

In this update, drivers can select the applications they want to see when they connect the phone to the car. That is if you always connect it to put Google Maps and select music on Spotify, now you can make those two applications appear at the beginning.

And is that not distracting the driver is a key point for Apple and Google, since a new study has highlighted that drivers who select music manually with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto reacted slower than those who had smoked marijuana.

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