TikTok is already bigger than YouTube in average viewing time in the US

AppAnnie’s survey found that Chinese-origin app has also passed YouTube in the UK:

In the disputed market of social networks and content applications, there is no hegemony that remains over time. Things are sure to change at some point.

And in the ranking of video apps that hold the most attention of entertainment aficionados, there is already a setback. Between the British and Americans who use Android, the TikTok already has more audience than YouTube, according to a report by consultancy AppAnnie.

In the US, content consumption on the Chinese TikTok app had a monthly average of 24 hours and 38 minutes for each user. On YouTube, which is owned by Google, the average consumption was 22 hours and 40 minutes per month.

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In the UK, the difference was greater: an average of 26 hours of viewing time per month on TikTok, compared to 16 hours on YouTube.

Data were collected only from Android phones, which have a 55.3% market share in the US and 62% of UK phones.

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