What to expect from the iPhone 13 launch? watch live

Apple event will bring a new version of the iPhone, in addition to Apple Watch Series 7. New iPad Mini and AirPods are also expected:

3:20 PM Update: Apple announced a new iPhone 13, iPad Mini, and Apple Watch Series 7. See full coverage.

Although advances have been marginal in recent years, the device is expected to have new camera functions, a new high-quality video format, a blur effect now also in videos, and smarter filters.

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A new processor developed by Apple for the line is also expected, as well as new screen refresh rate options, something the company still owed to the competition.

There is also talk about a possible new iPad Mini and new models of the AirPods headset, an Apple success in recent years.

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Apple Watches may also come with a new redesign and there are rumors that they are suffering production delays due to the crisis in the chip market.

The device has been treated by the company as health technology, aimed both at exercises and for various metrics in this regard. In recent years, the Watch has received blood oxygenation and decibel meters, as well as an electrocardiogram. Many experts expect even more news in this regard.

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