Why is it important to invest in Digital Marketing?

The Brazilian real estate market is still undergoing major changes and updates. Many processes are still managed in an artisanal and personal way, which leads to lower efficiency, high operating costs and low results.

However, the search for this update has grown a lot within the real estate sector, consequently increasing the demand for intelligent tools that perform the optimization of these cycles in recent times.

By automating these cycles, all marketing processes are incorporated and integrated into the process.

Within this, the constant that dictates the success of companies seeking to invest in technology determines that the path of digital marketing must be incorporated together with the planning of investments in technology.

Faced with this scenario of constant updating and a multitude of possibilities, we wrote this article to guide and guide these processes.

Digital Branding

Traditional branding concepts (Brand Management) but applied in digital media.

How do you want your brand to communicate with your target audience?

What message does your company want to convey?

Within these questions, the concept and importance of digital branding are born.

Adapting communication so that it is within the parameters of social networks and creating a language to carry it out helps to generate greater engagement.

Engagement will only be possible if there is a well-founded relationship between the brand and the customer through digital media and that’s why you must have a very well-structured digital branding strategy.

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This determines the audience your business talks to, what their difficulties within the sector are, in addition to generating several opportunities to create content based on this information.

Data analysis to guide your strategies.

Investing in social networks and seeking new ways to automate marketing processes or seeking new tools to manage these processes is a way to achieve the much-desired engagement.

Generating content and segmenting it assertively is also essential to raise these numbers, in addition to knowing which social networks to really focus efforts on.

But basing a strategy on data is a trend that has taken a large proportion of the real estate market lately.

There are several marketing tools that can help guide these strategies, BI (Business Intelligence) management tools can be extremely useful to assist in this mapping process.

ANAPROX has the ANALYTICS tool that helps companies guide these strategies, learn more.

Social networks

That each social network has its specific user profile is not new, but there is still great difficulty in working with content targeted to these profiles.

Understanding the function of each social network is essential and makes the content more effective, better directing marketing investment strategies.

But it’s no use having good content and investments on social networks if the service cycle and lead management don’t talk to each other, so it’s important to invest in a tool that integrates all this information.

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In addition to optimizing investments in each specific network, communication becomes easier and, consequently, sales numbers increase.

A good CRM can help in this context.

Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing

Inbound marketing or attraction marketing is based on creating content aimed at your audience’s interests.

In addition to adding value to your brand, it shows that you own what you want to sell.

With this attitude, the company does not need to look for its customers, but the customers look for their company, directing the content and making their presence felt on social networks and portals where their customers are.

Keep a website up to date

Maintaining a website is important to be able to specify information about your company, vision, values, your ventures, contacts, and everything related to what the company is and does.

The website is the portal for those who are already interested and can be the next path for your social networks, so it is important to have them connected to all your contact information (email, phone, skype, etc).

The website must also be designed so that it can be accessed from anywhere, specifically designed within the concept of mobility.

Read our article on websites for homebuilders and developers

And lastly and one of the most important parts:


Searching for tools that help with various areas of the company is important to improve management, especially linking with marketing since many of them can and should be aimed at the efficient management of the customer’s purchase journey and thought to optimize all sales processes as is the case with CRM.

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Investing in the right tools is even more important when we talk about the real estate area where contacts and sales are much more bureaucratic than when we talk about sales in online stores, for example.

It is important to emphasize the need to integrate these tools so that important information is not lost and that they are really efficient when applied on a daily basis.

Within this, ANAPROX has several tools and features designed to be encompassed from sales management to service management and partnerships, access the website, and learn about all the solutions.


Designing a marketing strategy involves a lot of research, a lot of effort, and also assertive investments, it takes time, but the results emerge and brand acceptance only increases.

Investing in digital marketing is essential to protect your business and maximize results with less effort and investment.

Even more, today, where it is necessary to invest in more intimate services, which really understand and address the pain of customers and not just sell a specific product.

From this, new possibilities extend over the whole concept of digital marketing. mainly because it is an area of ​​constant innovation.

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