Your Phone app for Windows 10 now runs Samsung mobile apps



The Microsoft has released an update to the application Your Phone (Your Phone) for Windows 10 and took it to add a feature that lets you run apps that are installed on your smartphone from Samsung. This is done through a mirroring process, which runs the apps on your phone and transmits them to your computer for you to use without touching the Android device.

With this, the operating system Microsoft gets closer to the experience that the wads of Apple offer to users who have an iPhone. The expectation is that the application mirroring feature will soon arrive for other devices with the Android system.

Microsoft Store: Your Phone

As the GSMArena website explains, just open the Seu Telephone application and click on the Apps (“Applications”) tab to access the new feature. By doing this, you will come across the complete list of apps present on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

You can open each of them in a separate window and even let them be saved in the taskbar. The functionality is currently only available to users who own the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S20 smartphones.

But Microsoft has already indicated that it will add support for more Android OS devices in the near future. What wasn’t clear is whether they were referring to other Samsung smartphones – or whether other brands will also receive support for the feature.

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The app also allows you to make and receive calls, as well as access your device’s call history. You can also access contacts, send and receive SMS and receive notifications that are sent to your cell.

You can still access photos from your phone and even drag them into an email or document you’re currently editing. To top it off, the Your Phone app is compatible with the Microsoft Office all-in-one app.

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